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  1. Bristlecone Pine tile mounted in Arts and Crafts Style frame

    Framed stoneware tile. Antique bronze acid patina finish. Quartersawn white oak frame with fancy walnut corbels. All my tiles start as mahogany relief woodcarvings,then … made into plaster molds, pressed stoneware clay and kiln fired to 2375 This one is titled: Bristlecone tile
  2. vase 2

    well this an other view of the vase
  3. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    Could some one tell me how you calculate the # of CFM is needed based on the cubic feet of a wood shop?
  4. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    This is something that's popped in and out of mind over the last couple of years. Has anyone heard of, or had an experience with building a little spray booth/box hooked to a dust collector to draw in the fumes? Of course, I don't want all of that going into my pipes and hoses, and don't want...
1-4 of 4 Results