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  1. Bangle - African Blackwood over Stainless Steel - Size 8

    My latest Bangle - The African Blackwood - The process I usually go through is to cut the wood blank with my Bosch carbide hole saw's (First 3.75, then 2.25), then it goes into a toaster oven for up to a day depending on wood moisture content, then once dry it get's put into a vacuum chamber...
  2. The set is complete

    Just finished my paring knife to complete the set. The Damascus blade is from Woodcraft (Item #153655) and so are the African Blackwood scales (Item #153762). The knife blade includes aluminum cutlery rivet. However, to keep the theme consistant, I used pins from Jantz knife making supplies. The...
  3. New Wedding Band African Blackwood and Padauk

    I've lost a little weight and needed a new wedding band so I made this from Blackwood and Padauk. Center ring is slightly slanted for character.
  4. Bracelet for my amazing wife.

    Here's a bracelet I made for my magnificent wife's 40th birthday. It's made of Turquoise Trustone,African Blackwood,Bocote,Boxwood & sterling silver. Approximately 15 hours work.
  5. block plane on blackwood board

    This carving of a block plane in less than 1/2" long and is made of red oak, yellow buckeye, and an unknown found wood. It rests on a "board" made of African blackwood that is approximately 2- 2.5".
  6. umbrella

    yellow buckeye and African blackwood umbrella, approximately 2.5" standing on point
  7. shovel

    mahogany and African blackwood shovel, approximately 2" long
  8. Red Mallee Burl and African Black Wood mallet

    This was a mallet I made after I sent out my swap items. This one is a Red Mallee Burl head with an African Blackwood handle. I laminated 4 piece of the burl together with epoxy that I tried matching the head color with. This ones going to my uncle who's been encouraging and acting like a...
  9. Chevalet - rescued from the fire wood pile

    I have finally finished my chevalet! I used "Shipwright's" aka Paul Miller's excellent Sketch Up design with some tweaking to fit my available raw materials which were essentially pieces of an old oak doorframe that had been destined for the fire, supplemented by various off cuts I found. I...
  10. Turkey Trumpets

    I have been working on a new call to add to my line and this is what I came up with. These are turkey trumpet calls which have been around for years but the way they are made is a guarded secret to say the least. I spent a lot of time researching how to do these then took more time figuring out...
  11. Moup

    Sometimes I feel stuck in a rut, just making boxes. Its then feel I need to try something different. This is a Mood Uplighter 110mm in diametre x 250mm high. Made from African Blackwood, Holly and Ebony veneer, ply and some electrical bits. Glues are PVA and CA Finish is the usual. Pictures...
  12. First Carved Jewelrybox Attempt

    So, I have been watching Boris Khechoyan carve masterpieces for a while in the shop that I hang out in, and I decided to ask him if he would teach me to carve. Finished this just in time for my three year "anniversary" and I'm sure my girlfriend is going to be very happy! His website, for those...
  13. Whistle and Rings

    We were given a piece of hollow African Blackwood, at our wood turning guild , and a challenge for next month to see what we could make out of it. It was a little over 1" in diameter and about 9" long. I drilled it out to 5/8 and glued in a dowel and made a whistle out of it for my great...
  14. Finished Chef's Knife

    I love to cook- obvious from my pants size- and always wanted a really nice knife that would not always need sharpening every time it was to be used. The Jantz knife making site has a great collection of supplies and instructions. After much deliberation, I ordered the materials needed to make...
  15. Greene and Greene Inspired Blanket / Toy Chest

    This blanket / toy chest was inspired by the wood whisperer guild project with a couple of modifications. I used white ash since I didn't have access to white oak and african blackwood instead of the traditional ebony. I paid only a fraction of the price and I find the result perfectly...
  16. tiny hammer with abstract shape

    This is a tiny hammer less than 3/4" from head to handle end. I like something about the oddly shaped excess wood at the claw end. Looks like the border shape of some undisclosed 51st state. So I guess I am declaring this "definitely un-done, state of origin unknown."
  17. Birdseye Maple Burl/African Blackwood Goose Call

    I was posting this on another site and thought some of the duck and goose hunters here might like to see it. This one is going to North Dakota as a gift to someone that is relocating. Sorry for the poor pics I lost my camera the other day fishing and these are cell phone shots. I was lucky and...
1-20 of 78 Results