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  1. Homemade Table Saw

    I made this homemade table saw using a black and decker circular saw, i attached it to Mdf which i then attached to a black and decker workmate. I cut mitre slots in the mdf so i could make jigs as you can see in the fourth photo which include a spline jig, mitre jig, panel cutting sled and a...
  2. Making a $50 or less Band Saw Fence

    I don't know about you but having a fence on my band saw is one of those must have accessories. I recently got a Porter Cable 14 inch band saw and to be honest I love the saw but was very frustrated that it did not come with a fence from the factory. Yes there are options like the Kreg fence...
  3. The $25 Miter Saw Stand

    A couple weeks ago I got myself a Hitachi 10" miter saw of off craigslist for 50 bucks. Just what I needed at a great price. In considering stands, I decided it would be silly for the stand price to exceed the saw price. Plus, I'm broke. So, seeing that so many people do indeed just set the saw...
  4. CNC Woodworking
    Hi, I need to upgrade my DIY CNC. Right now I'm using a cheap router and I feel I reached the machine's limit. I want speed control, a better collet system and the benefits of a spindle. But I can't spend over $200 (custom limit in my country…). Anybody can recommend a spindle, to be used for...
  5. Hand Tools
    Interested in buying a chisel set that won't put me in the poor house, but also won't need sharpening once a week. Would love some thoguhts from the experienced craftsmen out there.
  6. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hey guys- have been browsing this site for years and something finally dawned on me. Hope this is posted in the correct forum and within the forum rules. As always that seems to re occur, there is a great deal of traffic, interest, and discussion about really good looking custom cases for...
1-6 of 6 Results