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  1. Adirondack Loveseat from recycled redwood

    This loveseat was made from a discarded redwood picnic table top found in front of a neighbor's yard. The wood was pretty chewed up, but cleaned up nicely on the table saw (don't have a planer). It's based on these very comfortable plans; the arms are a little narrower because of the size of...
  2. Cherry / Maple Endgrain Cutting Board

    This cutting board is made from a Rock Maple center, and outlined with Cherry.
  3. Adirondack chair

    My wife wanted an adirondack chair for the dock. Built entirely out of Ipe, and finished with tung oil. I used the plan from Wood magazine #149.
  4. Another Adirondack chair

    We have a local cypress vendor with lots of air dried generous 4/4 stock. Nothing fancy; I used Norm's plan. Most of the chair is finished to 7/8". The legs are 1". It's heavy and comfortable. Sorry about the pics; guess I need to figure out which direction to hold the phone ;)
  5. Whiskey Barrel Adirondack Chair

    This one took me awhile to complete, but here is my version of this chair. All of the staves are Qtr. Sawn White Oak and had to be pre drilled for every screw, and I lost several bits in the chair. This chair now sits in a furniture store as some of my other furniture hoping to be sold. All...
  6. Child Adirondack Chair [v2]

    This is my second child Adirondack chair, this time I hid all the screws with a pocket holes. I am really happy with how nice it looks. Now it's ready to stain.
  7. Adirondack chairs

    Just uploaded my first project on here yesterday. It was a rotating book/trinket shelf. These "Jake's Chairs" were my first real project though. They are what started me in woodworking. After just moving into our first house, my wife went to do work doing a night shift. I went out for a drive...
  8. Adirondack Chair #2

    Well…what a difference a year makes…last year I was so excited to make my first ever adirondack…at that point I had made fences , gates, picnic tables--everything with large dimensional lumber…so finally I decided I would make some adirondack chairs--but why stop at two…when making 3 or four...
  9. Shop Made Air Filtration System

    UP-UPDATE - The unit is working fabulous. The filters are, all three dirty, yes-sah, I will take a pic and add soon. UPDATE - I found out today that the exit filtret was too close to the fan and causing some air to be forced back into the unit…so I added 5" in front of fan, 3M filtret is NOW 5"...
  10. Water Ski Adirondack Chair

    This is a chair I built using old water skis. Probably the hardest (but also fun) part was finding the old skis. Ebay was a good source, but can be expensive. One set was only $15 at a local antique shop. Some people make these out of a variety of skis, different colors, etc. I wanted to...
  11. Adirondack chair - Muskoka chair

    This is the first one I made 10 years ago and still in good condition Cedrinho wood and stain Youtube video
  12. First Adirondack Folding Chair

    Ok folks it is done I took my mac up design and made a chair. I have to thanks Robert Triplett for teaming up with me and buying the wood for the project. I did have to make a few changes so the chair would be strong and there is one other thing I am going to change on the next chair but this...
  13. Norm's Adirondack's - Mostly...

    So here is the latest pair of Norm's chairs (mostly - I wasn't able to get the full size plans so it's based on trying my best to use the plans out of a woodworking mag article and I'm sure there are dimensions that are different. ) The set that has no finish is chairs 5 & 6 made of Cypress...
  14. Recent delivery

    Fun leaving your creation at someone else's house and seeing them with a big smile on their face as you are leaving!!
  15. Adirondack Tennessee swamp cyprus chairs

    Gorilla glue challenge entry Made the chairs about 3 years ago. Lumber is Tennessee swamp cyprus. It came from Whiteville saw mill located on highway 64 about 70 miles east of Memphis in the south part of the state. Highly figured cyprus. With lots of character. Soon after making the chairs a...
  16. Photographer's chair

    I made two chairs for a lady who turned out to be a local photographer. I delivered them to her when she was doing a photoshoot at an outside area near a field of sunflowers. It wasn't long before she was setting her customers in my chairs for pictures. Pretty neat!!
  17. Childs Cedar Adirondack Chairs

    Couple of chairs I made for a friend. Each one has the front board on the chair engraved with the name of the child it was made for. Thx for looking.
  18. " For those about to rock...."

    ....we salute you ! " Just finished the 3 Children's Adirondack Rocking Chairs to go with my new Rocker Over the years, I have sold hundreds of plans for my regular Child, Junior and Youth sized children's chairs , and I hope the rockers will be popular as well. These three chairs are wider...
  19. First Adirondack of the year

    I'm a little surprised myself. I mean here it is half way through August already and I finished my first Adirondack chair of the year just this past Friday. Of course if it wasn't for the deadline provided by the person with the money in hand, it wouldn't have been as soon as that! This time...
  20. Huge Adirondack Chair

    With three classes left, my friend and I decided we needed to finish a great project in wood shop. And this is what six hours of good teamwork accomplished. The chair is six feet tall, six feet long, and four feet wide.
41-60 of 101 Results