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  1. A Few More Pens

    My other pens were received so well I decided to share a few more pens I made. Going from left to right, the desert camouflage and pink & blue acetate pens are for my nephew, who is in the Army, and his wife, respectively. I still have to mail those out to him. The third made from some curly...
  2. Blogs
    Preparing the blank Turning pens is a lot of fun, and a great way to practice lathe skills while making something beautiful. This step by step will cover the essential elements of selecting the style and material for the pen, preparing the blank, and mounting it on th lathe. I don't turn many...
  3. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    I am looking to get a dust cyclone and not sure if it worth the money ,and if it work good for my small shop ,I been looking at the dust deputy anyone have one of these let me know if it work for you.
1-3 of 3 Results