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  1. Custom Round Table Or Personalized Round Bathroom Vanity

    This is a Custom Ash Round Table Or Vanity that I created to expand what I have to offer galleries. I kept this Custom Table as simple as I could in an attempt to keep the price down. You can see how the lines carry from one part to the next creating a pleasing flow throughout the Custom Ash...
  2. Live Edge Vendetta Table

    Beautiful, rustic vibe. Base built from reclaimed antique heart pine & table top built from a reclaimed live edge oak slab. Base color is burnt umber with a waterborne top coat . The top is finished with our special oil.
  3. Black walnut and maple accent table

    I picked up a slice of black walnut burl last spring while at a woodworking show in Iowa. I stared at it for nine months before deciding what to do with it. The board was 13" X 30" X 3/4" but one end of it was warped. So, after long deliberation I decided to make a small accent table and use...
  4. Walnut Side Table

    I wanted to make my parents a side table for their new house. The table they were using was too big and impeded the flow between the living room and kitchen. I started designing using AutoCAD, mostly to get a feel for proportions. I do a lot of 2D architectural drafting for work, so when I...
  5. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I need to drill 1/2 inch holes in wine bottles (empty) for a friend. Anyone have a recommendation as to the drill press speed?
  6. Blogs
    Realization Realization - It was brought to my attention this morning that we need a side table. A few months ago I picked up some really nice cherry and ash from Suwanee Lumber. I'm sure the stock has had enough time to get used to my shop. So, perhaps it's time to start working on a...
  7. Finishing
    My father in law was going to throw out a gallon metal container of BLO. I told him I would take it. My question is, does it go bad? The brand is Spencer Kelloggs no idea how old it is. The can is in decent condition. Any help will be appreciated.
1-7 of 7 Results