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  1. Abomination Dresser

    UGLY! unfortunately made of second hand particle board for the sides (explaining the paint/paper mache); made of oak and whitewood board for the drawers. everything was pretty much second hand now that i think about it. if you appreciate woodworking you may find this quite distasteful.. ABOMINABLE!
  2. Abomination

    For my friends Eagle Scout ceremony, we decided to make him a trophy. I went to my shop, and created the ugliest abomination I could have. The base is a treated 2×4 that I used to test all of my tools on, and the accents are washers, screws, and nuts that were hot-glued on. The arm (for lack of...
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I ave seen many great mallets on LJ's for awhile now, and this weekend I made my daughters toddler bed. During that process I did a lot of chisel work and all I had was a deadblow hammer. Tis worked ok, but I figured if I had to cut more than what I did, I we be at it all week! I decided I...
1-3 of 3 Results