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  1. 8 String Guitar

    Here is my final RG8 style custom 8 string guitar. It took me quite a while to finish but it is finally done! Solid Bubinga body with a Wenge accent stripe. Maple and Wenge laminated neck with a matching Bubinga accent veneer cut from the same wood as the body. Rosewood fretboard with 24 frets...
  2. Antler/Bullet Pens

    These are two bullet/deer antler pens I made. The one on the left is from a kit. The other is homemade from a 30/06 bullet that I drill out and fitted. Bullet pens are my most popular. Thanks to my older brother who introduce me and my younger brother to the pen making hobby. gbrown4
  3. "8 bit" tie

    It's not a matter of why, but why not. Poplar, lines are burnt on with a propane torch
  4. Dukes of Hazard Car

    Christmas toy requested by g-nephew. Body made of 2 1×6 poplar boards face glued (after shaping cabin part). Daughter did most of the painting and lettering.
  5. CLCBoats Chesapeake 17LT

    With our summer vacation plans scuttled we decided we needed a big project or two. So we ordered two Chesapeake 17LT kits from CLCBoats. The first one is for my youngest son to grow into and he has helped almost every step of way, including getting epoxy in his hair, which we cut out and will...
  6. For the Birds

    For Rent: Seven new units in the area's hottest new bird condo development. Immediate possession. Plenty of bugs, lake near by, new landscaping, and no cats. I actually have to say a special thanks to Lumber Jock PD's for this project. He has a very nice one with grape vine and cedar trim...
  7. Wooden Pocket Knives With Boxes

    I love making wooden pocket knives as close to actual scale as possible. The parts representing steel on all the knives are made from Bois de'arc sap wood because of it's strength and white color. It's also known as Bodark, Horse Apple, Osage Orange or Hedge Apple. Some of the knives have...
  8. deer horn knife

    This knife was made from an old machinest file. I made it with the grinder that I made posted on this site. Everything is made totaly by hand. Thought you all would like to see it. More to come. The glass sign was made by my brother. The celtic owel is my knife logo that will be etched into the...
  9. Farmhouse Table

    Farmhouse Table. Clear pine,turned legs, beaded aprons and breadboard end top. Finish-Charles Neil's Pre-Color Conditioner - Blotch Control, Minwax Ipswich Pine Stain. Three coats gloss poly-two coats Satin poly. Pictures out side my home then at clients dining area.
  10. European Buck Mount

    I made a simple plaque to display a European buck mount. It is made from some spare oak that my dad cut down and used for trim inside my house about 18 years ago. Basically just made a panel cut out the design on the bandsaw, shaped with spindle sander, and used a 45º router on the edge. Feel...
  11. Pinewood Derby Car Transporter

    In every drivers life you will some day need towe truck. Hopefuly not too soon… Here is my idea of a flatbed car transporter pinewood derby car. It has a tilt forward cab to reveal the motor & a tilt back bed.
  12. 8 String Guitar Body

    Just finished my very first guitar build ever. I made the body out of zebra wood with wenge accents. I didn't make the neck but I'm going to try my hand at the neck on my next build. Doing the curves and contours were quite pleasing to do by hand, a very methodical practice. All it needs now is...
  13. Smurfette in a box

    My grown daughter has always loved the Smurfs, so I made her this box for Christmas. It was carved with a Dremel. Made from Figured Maple and Mahogany, and Ebony --Tung oil finish Thanks for looking
  14. Mixed Wood Drafting Table

    This is my mixed wood drafting table. All of the wood materials are salvaged "rejects" from construction jobs except for the oak dowels which were bought for this project. The hinge hardware is brass. The oak was rejected from a job because the ball milled feature on it was not the...
  15. Glassy

    This hollow form vase was turned from end grain maple. It measures 8" tall by 4" wide. It is finished with multiple layers of aniline dye and topped with several coats of spray satin lacquer. I was experimenting with the dyes in an attempt of giving it an iridescent glass like appearance. All...
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    It's a sad day for me… I was happily joining some White Oak and needed to touch up the blade on my Type-4 #8. When I went to release the lever cap the bottom part of the lever itself broke. This is the section that the pin runs through. This plane was manufactured 1880 - 1890 from what I have...
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    What are the purpose of these 3 set screws w/locking nuts and the larger screw with handle? The operations manual for this jointer does not explain. I can reason they relate to the dovetail gib (so the tables slide up and down in a smooth non-sloppy fashion). If so, what purpose does the...
  18. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    It is a challenge when you purchase a wood working machine from an auction, craigslist, a friend, etc… and it needs a lot of help. I bought this jointer at an auction for $55, missing many parts (hand wheel, cutter guard, etc). I just finished tearing down and rebuilding my Jet 15" planer and...
  19. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hello everyone, Please let me know what you think og the new 8" Jet jointer/planer? I do not have a jointer or a planer and thought a combo would be a good placce to start. OR do you recommend I buy a planer and then a jointer when I can afford one? Thanks
1-20 of 41 Results