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  1. Routertable storage cabinet

    This has been one of those project that seem I would never ever get too until it was time to clean out the shop area…so putting good use to all that left-over scrap I came up with this storage unit. Thanks to all the lumberjocks for their inspiration to final get to this storage unit…Blkcherry
  2. coaster set

    a coaster set i made. my sister wood burned the life series on the maple coasters. holder is made of walnut and some other species wood i can't identify….finished it with danish oil
  3. Cherry Shaker Nightstand with Handtools

    Handtool heavy Cherry Shaker Nightstand I made this nightstand for my fiance' of local WV lumber gifted to me by my friend Dale. I wanted it to be very special so I relied mostly upon antique rehabbed hand tools For the matching nightstand (my side), I bought a tenon jig, benchtop mortiser, new...
  4. Hand Tools
    Hello all, Please let me know if I should post this in the trade/swap section rather than this. I'm looking for fence and depth stop (screws and threaded rod also) for the 78 I picked up at a flea market. Any alternative to eBay is welcome. Take care!
  5. Marketplace Classifieds
    Greetings, I'm trying to find a fence (+threaded rod) and depth stop for the 78 I got at a flea market. Not sure what I can offer in return, but we can discuss when I find someone with these items. Thanks!
  6. Blogs
    Mitered Dovetails Anyone? Every project's layout phase, for me, is like spring training - what happened last season is a foundation to build upon; all things are possible when starting fresh. And it's also an opportunity to set goals that, upon further review, seem almost unattainable. I find...
  7. Hand Tools
    I better start learning how to restore these planes, that's what! Over the last two days, I've gathered the tools shown below. All of the planes need work. I don't even know how to use one yet! :) I know what most of these tools are. :: Planes :: Stanley #7 Stanley #78 Stanley #220...
  8. Hand Tools
    Hello jocks! I have a question regarding the brand new, UK made Stanley 78 plane and the older vintage 78 planes that are prolific on eBay. Is there any real difference between the old and the new, besides the antique look? They sure look the same, but people are paying crazy prices for...
1-9 of 9 Results