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  1. birdseye maple burl saturn bowl

    This is apiece of birdseye maple burl, the piece is about 10 inchs by 8 inchs and the bowl is about 3 inchs deep. the walls and wing are about 1/4 inch thick. finished with tung-oil and wax. all comments and questions welcome.
  2. Woodturning
    Hey everyone! I just bought an older (green model) Rikon 70-100 as my first mini lathe. Unfortunately it has an issue I need to resolve. I knew this when I bought it, but hoping to get some advice before I dive in. When the lathe spun up to speed it had a bad vibration and noise. We...
  3. Blogs
    What is up: 06-2014 I haven't put out a YouTube video in a couple of months, but I have been busy. In this video I talk a little about the recent projects I've done and the fence I just got done building. I also talk a little more about my new DeWalt DW732 Planer. Watch the video here:
  4. Woodturning
    UPDATE: Delta 46-460 Midi-Lathe has arrived. 8-) OK, I am starting to look at the feasibility of purchasing the Rikon Mini Lathe 70-100 AS MY FIRST LATHE. I have read the other threads regarding which to buy…HF, Jet, PM, etc. I will NOT consider the larger lathes at this point as I will...
1-4 of 4 Results