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  1. Ring. From Staron (acrylic stone) and ebony wood

    Staron ring with ebony wood line Size: 9,5 US or 19,5 Width: 8 mm Staron (acrylic stone) - very durable and waterproof material
  2. Ring from wood and corian. Size: 9,5 US

    Size: 9,5 US or 19,5 Width: 9,5 mm Materials: Stabilized maple burl and corian (acrylic stone).
  3. Wood ring

    Wood ring Size: 17,8 mm or 7,5 US Material - Indonesian teak wood
  4. Wood & Lumber
    Hi, I'm new to LumberJocks. Lately, I've been making furniture out of recycled wood, mostly from pallets. My latest project is a coffee table, and I came across several red pallets. After cleaning up the boards, this is what was underneath. I have no idea what kind of wood this is. That's...
1-4 of 4 Results