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  1. 2x4 3x5 Box 1 Post Contest

    This is Post Contest 2×4 3×5 Box 1 of 2 Finished with Mineral Oil, and Deft spray can Lacquer Gloss. The center divider was removed because it's not going to be used for 3×5 cards. This is for my wife, Deanne, who likes Unicorns. I placed a Unicorn on the Top… then Wood Burned it.
  2. Stumpy’s Tubafore Contest Entry - 2x4 3x5 Box#2

    Here it is! Box #2 Yes, it's past the deadline and does NOT count… BUT, I made both boxes at the same time out of the same 2×4… I just could not get Both of them finished to the point of getting them Entered. So, this is here just to look at… LOL It was fun! ... and a challenge!
1-2 of 2 Results