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  1. Kitty Angel 3d Compound Cut Ornament

    This ornament was designed by Diana Thompson and I used Steve Good's jig to cut it. The halo is painted gold and the wings are glittered on the front. The back of the wings is left plain so a pet's name can be added. This piece is cut from a recycled walnut block that I got from a local cabinet...
  2. Doggy Angel 3d compound ornament

    Another of Diana Thompson's 3d ornaments that I cut out.
  3. LJ's Cutting boards

    I really like making these boards. Still the most challenging part is the glue up. That bulge board is turned out to be the easiest so far, but also the most tedious. In the end, though, it made me giggle. That thing is just cool. If you have been wanting to make one and haven't yet, it is...
  4. Tumbling block coasters

    These were made from extra pucks from my wife's cutting board ( where I was having trouble with gaps at glue up. So these extra pucks became coasters with curly Maple borders. The beauty of woodworking, what doesn't work out for one project works out for...
  5. 3d end grain cutting board

    Maple and walnut just completed for client Measures 13×13 x 1.75. These are beautiful boards but take a lot of wood and time to get them done.
  6. Inversions 3D

    This is a box, 130mm x 130mm x 65mm. Made from Ebony and Maple with a foam lined Birch ply base and Ebony lipping. The lid is drop on. The glue used PVA. Sanded down to 400 grit with finish of wax over sanding sealer. This time, unlike with Hypnotoad or the original 2D Inversions, there are...
  7. 3D end grain cutting board

    Was given free reign to build an extra large end grain cutting board. Finished size ended up at 24"x23.5". Lost count on how many glue ups were involved, but there were quite a few. Walnut, cherry, maple and paduk finished with mineral oil/beeswax mix.
  8. VMA-542 Logo

    VMA-542 Logo
  9. Antique trumpet display/stand

    I have a friend whose great grandfather played this coronet in John Phillip Sousa's band. He does not play it but, because of it's heritage wanted to display it in his home. His wife wanted a stand that would allow the trumpet to lay flat. I built it as well since I did not get my final artistic...
  10. A distraction or two ?

    As you may have read I am making an Apothecary cabinet… and as usual… I am easily sidetracked… I came across a design that I thought interesting… well you know how it is… So I thought in-between cutting the grooves in the bottoms of the drawers I might as well give this a go.. Here is my...
  11. 3D Tree Bookcase

    To make the best use of the room in my new born son's room and to add to extra fun to it, I made a 3D Tree Bookcase to go off the corner of his closet. The base of the tree is a little over a foot wide and the branches stretch out as far as 8 feet at the top. It was made from four sheets of...
  12. Chess board with storage.

    The board is made of walnut and hickory. The board itself has feet and can sit independently on a surface. There is storage underneath. The board can be used either by itself or sitting on the storage base as a stand. The chess pieces were printed on my 3D printer. The "black" pieces were...
  13. bandsaw crazy

    This is a 2' x 2' wall hanging made of walnut and maple. Took about twenty hours of work to finish this, and also all of my patience. The biggest challenge was in the glue up. Nothing ever looked flat! At one point I was beating it with a mallet to flatten it, and when I finally got it, I...
  14. Joining the 3d cutting board club

    Used the free plan for 13 inch planers from mtm wood To make one means you just have 12 inch (300mm) boards so i madenthe two blanks 25 inches Dimension is 12.5 inches square by 40 mm thick Finish shown is pure mineral oil Tomorrow i will apply the 4:1 hot mix of mineral oil with beeswax the...
  15. Compound Birdhouses

    These are compound cut from 2"x2" popular they are a Diana Thompson pattern The little yellow chick I found in Big Lots 15 for a dollar . Expermenting to see if I can dye them another color
  16. End Grain Cutting Board

    Saw a bunch of videos from MTM Wood about end grain cutting boards and thought I would try my hand at it. It was fun to make and the video was excellent, though it is non-verbal. I made 4 of them and limited in size by my 13" planer. Gave the biggest board to my wife as a bribe for a 15" planer.
  17. Self Portrait

    I made this "self portrait" after seeing a similar piece here at LJ. This is 3d wood wall art. The woods are western red cedar: frame, cedar: background, aspen: teeth. The dimensions are: 15" wide x 10.5" high x 3" deep.
  18. CMSAF Seal

    This is what I would consider to be "Extreme Scroll Saw" Intarsia work! This is the most intense piece I've done yet! It's made from Oak, Walnut, American Holly, Aspen, Mahogany, and Hickory. The back board is 1/4" Birch plywood. Every piece was cut on the scroll saw and hand sanded. The...
  19. Star on cross

    Final piece. The star: padouk, purpleheart, and black walnut. The background and cross: purpleheart, "african mohagany," and end-cut cherry. The border: "african mohagany" The entire structure is halfway-buried in epoxy. It's hard to tell in the pictures but what that does is gives an...
  20. Nymphaea - a layered wooden stereogram

    Remember "Magic Eye" back in the 1990s? I remember just about every shopping mall had a kiosk selling these funky posters, books, and calendars. Magic Eye is the brand name for stereograms, a repeating 2D pattern that reveals a 3D image when it is viewed in a certain way. For this project...
1-20 of 106 Results