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  1. 3D end grain cutting board

    Was given free reign to build an extra large end grain cutting board. Finished size ended up at 24"x23.5". Lost count on how many glue ups were involved, but there were quite a few. Walnut, cherry, maple and paduk finished with mineral oil/beeswax mix.
  2. 3D cutting board

    My first 3D cutting board. Fun project but tough to get all of the joints to come together.
  3. Yet Another End Grain Cutting Board

    I've made many endgrain cutting boards. I've also made this '3d blocks' design in the past, but this is my favourite one so far, it is around 450mm x 350mm x 40mm in size, so nice and heavy and sturdy. I made it as a gift for my fine woman who says 'it's so beautiful, I don't want to use it...
  4. My entry in the Cutting Board Makers Club

    This is my third attempt making a 3D cutting board. First two I didn't get the angle right. It's made out of maple, cherry, and walnut. I used the plans that SPalm and RetiredCoastie have but changed it a little. I made a jig on my miter gauge with a toggle clamp to get the angle just right. I...
  5. My first 3d cutting board

    I had to try it and I think I'm addicted but I'm ADD so that won't last long :) I used 8/4 walnut, cherry and maple. It's 17" long 10-1/2 wide and 2" think. I finished it with mineral oil and wax. I know you've seen these a hundred times so thank you for looking!!!
  6. 3D Cutting Board

    I just finished this board tonight. I made it for my mother for Christmas. The blocks are maple, walnut, and cherry. The boarder is padauk. The board measures 16 1/4" X 10 1/2" X 1 1/2". The blocks didn't line up quite as well as I wanted, but overall, its not too bad. I sanded it to 400 grit...
  7. Wood & Lumber
    Hi everyone.. My family has purchased just above 1000 sq. feet of rough sawn pine boards of varying lengths (10-16 ft) and widths (10-12" or so I've been told) to put down for our cottage floor. The main debate is whether to butt it or tongue and groove it. My Dad and I re-tongued and grooved...
1-7 of 7 Results