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  1. A quick turned wooden bullet

    Just got a new drill chuck for my lathe to make bottle stoppers and thought I would start out with something simple. This is a 20MM casing with a turned piece of maple for the bullet. I tried to fancy up a bit with a small turks head knot. Again nothing special but thought I would share…..
  2. M61A1 20MM Gun Barrel plaque

    Finished this M61A2 gun barrel plaque. Used my Paranha Fx laser engraved for the skulls, banner and Skipper's Name. Tried to replicate the canon's muzzle clamp with oak and 1 1/2" schedule 40 PVC.
  3. 20MM Barrel Plaque for GUN BOSS

    20MM GUN BARREL retirement for Gun Boss. Couldn't find a VX-5 challenge coin so I made one out of maple and burned the image with my laser engraved. Back in November 2017
  4. 20MM Gun Barrel Plaque for Retired AOCM

    20MM Gun Barrel Plaque for Retired AOCM at Weapons. First attempt at the 20MM Muzzle Clamp Assembly. Came out pretty nice. I used the Craftsman Rotary-tool to inlay the intricate Challenge coins and even allowed the VFA-151 coin to spin in the middle.
  5. Going ashore for the last time....ding ding

    A recent retirement ceremony inspired this one. It is tradition for a retiring Sailor, Marine, Coast Guardsman, etc to request permission to go ashore for the last time at the close of the ceremony. When granted, the retiree is piped ashore for the last time. The ceremonial bullets are set up...
  6. Woodworking Skill Share
    Does anyone have a suggestion on the best way to expand the 3/4" holes on my workbench to 20mm Festool style. I received a few clamps from a relative that are used with an MFT table and will not fit on my workbench. I was debating between a 20 mm drill bit or a 20mm boring router bit. Any...
  7. Jigs & Fixtures
    Boys and Girls, If anyone is interested (or know of anyone that might) in the Fe$tool MFT style tabletop, read on otherwise save wasting your time and go and have a vino. If you don't reside in Australia go and have another vino. If you're a 19mm doghole person, that vino may still be...
1-7 of 7 Results