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  1. LumberJocks 2018 Boxswap

    This is the box a made for the 2018 Boxswap. It is made from pine and a darker wood that came from a weathered 4×4, so it could very well be pine also. I used a stacked method of shorter and longer strips to form the box joints. I wanted to do all the work by hand but I did end up ripping the...
  2. 2018 Box Swap

    This is the box I made for the Spring 2018 Box Swap. I like working with wood. I get the most enjoyment setting up and trying new things with my machines. I decided to purchase a shaper instead of a router table. I like the idea of a shaper cutter on a 3/4 inch shaft verses a router bit in...
  3. Table with moving top

    Made this in my woods 3-4 class at Wahoo High School. Made of Maple, Hard wood plywood maple, and oak. Used a dark stain inside and out and then used 3 coats of polyacrylic for the outside to make it look nice and protect the wood.
1-4 of 4 Results