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  1. Brass and Purpleheart Pinch Sticks

    My first LJ Swap. I made these pinch sticks with Purpleheart and Aluminum sticks and brass/Ebony and brass/Pink Ivory keepers. Here is a link to my blog on the build.
  2. Colonial Chalk Line Reel

    For the 2018 Layout and Marking Tool Swap, I tried my hand at a colonial style chalk line reel. These chalk lines were used in the 18th century to snap straight lines along timbers being shaped for cabins and ship-building. The head of the reels spins on the handle, allowing it to be quickly...
  3. Assorted Layout Tools

    For the 2018 Layout Tool Swap I chose to make an assortment of items. Since I haven't used many layout tools outside of a square and pencil I wasn't sure what was useful and what wasn't. I also was at a loss for making appropriately proportioned tools. Fortunately, there are plans and parts...
  4. Bar Gauge - 2018 Layout and Marking Tool Swap

    For my swap item I made a bar gauge inspired by the WoodPeckers OneTimeTool bar gauge. I used 303 stainless 3/8" solid round bar for the rods, there are 6 at 12", 2 at 8" and 1 at. 6" plus the two fixed 6" bars. Each end of the bars was locked into a collet on my lathe, faced, chamfered, center...
  5. 2018 Layout and Marking Tool Swap

    So these were my entries. They all came from the same chunk of Satinwood Burl. At first I was hoping to go with all damascus for the metals, but then I saw the prices and decided against it. While looking for the Damascus though, I had the burl cut in to rough sizes and threw it in the vacuum...
  6. Compass Set for Swap

    For the Fall Layout and Marking Tool Swap I made a couple of compasses and associated marking tools for fellow LJ BMichs75. a.k.a. Brandon I had no idea what to make for this swap so I decided to take a look at some tools that seem handy but that, as a hobbyist, I can't justify the cost for...
1-7 of 7 Results