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  1. L-Square Stop & Depth Gauge

    L-square Stop - Depth Gauge - Table Saw Setup Tool I designed and built my L-square edge stop around 1984, when I became frustrated with using stops for setting up stair steps for the process. I wanted one which was quick to install and easy to use (e.g., moved smoothly along the edge). The...
  2. 2017 Knife Swap

    This is my knife swap items and bonus gift sent to Jeff at jeffswildwood the LJ who was our able leader for this swap.The pictures were made by his talented son Aaron. Some of you will think I got it backwards but it was as intended. I have been making folding all wood pocket knives for a long...
  3. Copper Clad Carving Mallet

    This copper clad mallet was built for the 2017 Lumberjocks Shop Made Tool Swap and was one of the several items I sent out. The mallet is apple wood, from a friend's Central Washington orchard, and is clad in thick wall copper pipe. The tolerance I set for the turned apple wood was tight...
1-3 of 3 Results