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  1. 2012 Ornaments

    Here are a couple of the ornaments I made for Christmas presents this year. I made six total. I decided to do something a little different than previous years. I laminated four scrap pieces of wood: cherry, curly walnut, sassafras, and redheart. I then rough cut the heart shapes on my scroll...
  2. Wall Decoration (Lemons into lemonade)

    One of those projects where nothing seemed to go right. The end result was good, and I still had all of my fingers, so I guess it was a win. Otherwise I haven't had so many problems on a (relatively simple) project before. But as I like to say, the only simple operation is the one you aren't...
  3. End-grain Cutting Board

    Designed it using CB Designer software. I used Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Oak, and Mahogany woods. As a finish I used regular Mineral Oil. I first cut the strips of wood to the correct width I needed using a table saw. Then I glued them together in order on my design and let it dry overnight. Then I...
  4. Endgrain cutting board

    used CB designer to make it. The types of wood that i used were mahogany, cherry, maple, and oak. First i cut strips of the wood i needed out and then glued them together. I then cut out the strips and flipped every other one. then i glued them together and sanded. I put many coats of mineral...
  5. End grain Cutting board

    My name is kyle and this is how i made this cutting board Software: CB Designer Oak, Walnut, Mahogony, cherry, maple Finish: Mineral oil
  6. End Grain cutting board

    Mkay so this is my Kutin board I made it in woods class and I use walnut, cherry mohagony, and oak. We designed this project using CBdesigner13 its where you choose the length of the peices of wood and what kind and it will spit out a board that will look like your final design.
  7. bandsaw box

    first we cut the side view, then we cut the front view, then we cut the box out, the we made the box and glued it all together, then we sanded it a lot, and put the stain on, then we put the finish on and let it dry.
  8. Poker Table

    Well it is finally done…This is my new poker table. The base is made up of birch plywood and then i used bendable plywood to make the curves in the center. Everything is stained with general finishes gel stain cherry i think. Now its time to go lose some money on this baby! Might i add that i...
  9. Cypress Bar for Sun Porch

    This is a Bar that I built for a customer a while back out of Cypress.
  10. It's a box

    Well, it's a box…made of Walnut. Red velvet on the bottom. Donated to a nursing home for Nurses Week.
  11. Making diamonds with my spline jig

    I entered the 2015 Kitchen Utensil Challenge and made this utensil holder with my new spline jig. i wanted to try something different so I cut diamonds. It was my first attempt so I went very slow and everything turned out well.
  12. Blogs
    LJ Picnic - ONTARIO, Canada The LJ Picnic is fast approaching (Sunday, July 15th) and I'm getting excited! Rick and I are looking forward to our little event. So far I've been told by a few people (including John, Extreme Birdhouses) that they will be stopping by. I noticed that we have a few...
  13. Blogs
    November 12, 2009 This is a new feature that I'll be starting. It is recorded video update on what will be going on in the shop. Or watch Live: live streaming by Ustream
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  14. Blogs
    Get Ready It's that time of year again and, here, you are getting a sneak peek at our upcoming Winter Awards. The category is: Your Inner Child Children love to play with toys, explore the mechanics of an object, hide things, find things, touch things, listen to things, and just look at...
  15. Blogs
    Joe Lyddon: My Shop Reorganization 2012 Before: . . . . . = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Still in process… ... stay tuned…
  16. Blogs
    Announcement Tis the season to start planning your upcoming summer picnic. Our 2012 LumberJocks Summer Awards are officially here so it's time get busy again. As always, we are looking for not only the skills involved in the build but the creativity as well. Be sure to describe your project...
  17. Woodworking Skill Share
    Does anyone know when the new Toys & Joys plans are being released?
  18. Blogs
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Thank you for a great year 2011, LumberJocks! Aaand…
  19. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    2012 NRA Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum - Newt Gingrich IMHO, I think his comments on "The Right to Bear Arms" is Right On… for the Planet… not just America.
  20. Woodworking Skill Share
    I noticed that the entries will begin to be accepted at the beginning of July, just wondering if anyone has got a heads on their project for this summer? I'm still having a hard time envisioning a "personal picnic butler"... although I'm sure with all the talent out there on Lumberjocks, it'll...
1-20 of 21 Results