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  1. Workbench with retractable wheels

    35 hours later and now I have me a nice and well needed work bench. I saw this design on the North Carolina Woodworking forum page (my Thanks to Ken for posting his design). There were no plans that I could see but I thought I could work this out with the three photos that were posted by Ken...
  2. Wood fish hook necklace

    Wood fish hook necklace Material: Smoke Bush wood (Cotinus coggygria) Size: 1,88 inch or 48 mm long
  3. Workbench and vise

    My first workbench with vise. The truss rod construction is used for the base so that I can easily disassemble. Stacked 2×4 lumber(2 of 10 mm dia truss rods are sandwiched) is used for the legs and end stretchers (2×6 for the side stretchers) of the base frame. Bottom and top bracing are 2×4...
  4. Lathe Stand

    $100 lathe from auction and some 2 X 4's Very solid setup. Only thing I would do different is to add rollers/wheels.
  5. Chess Pawn

    I made this pawn out of a piece of 2×4 to go along with my chess board. It took me about an hour to turn. I am avoiding turning the other pieces because it is so much work. I am a person that does not like repition. I also have a bishop, and I will post the picture as soon as I find it.
  6. Abomination

    For my friends Eagle Scout ceremony, we decided to make him a trophy. I went to my shop, and created the ugliest abomination I could have. The base is a treated 2×4 that I used to test all of my tools on, and the accents are washers, screws, and nuts that were hot-glued on. The arm (for lack of...
  7. Old-fashioned crib for dolls and stuffies

    Hi there, This is a recent Instructable. I used approximately 1 1/2 2×4x8's to make this crib, and about 50' feet of roping, a little less. A little girl in your life would love to have this! Here is the process of how I made it...
  8. What is it? (are these?) Another in the on the cheap helpers

    These are quite familiar in another material to some here, and I'm sure useful, I just couldn't see spending so much for the little dinky things that the store near me sells them for. I had some scrap and needed a break from cutting black walnut for a few projects so I took out the chop saw and...
  9. Woodworking Skill Share
    I just had to pass this on… I still have a hard time seeing how he did it… ... and without a bandsaw!! Built a small row Boat (that you can get in) out of one single 2 x 4 x 8'...
  10. Blogs
    New Year...New Hobby I have been known to take up a hobby or 37. At 42, on the cusp of 43, and well into the 'balding' years, I have decided that, in lieu of a midlife crisis, I would take up woodworking. Don't get me wrong, a new car and a 27 year old with huge, firm, hands would be wonderful...
  11. Blogs
    My Winter Awards 2008 entry Not much of a first entry, but I got my 2×4 today. I darned near grabbed a ten footer by mistake, but it looked too long. Wanting to strictly adhere to the rules I replaced it with a standard stud. I won't get much done before Christmas as we are having 16 guests and...
1-11 of 11 Results