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  1. Mallet

    It has been awhile since I uploaded a project. I have been kinda working on three different projects, plus the workbench. But Sunday, I thought get stuck in and get something done. So I focussed on getting this mallet done. It is made of some scraps that were lying around. The handle is...
  2. Cutting Board

    I did cherry, red oak, and mahogany, my board is 14 inches and I made it at Wahoo High School.
  3. Marble-machine Blue track 1.0 / Knikkerbaan Blauwe baan 1.0

    Marble-machine Blue track 1.0 / Knikkerbaan Blauwe baan 1.0 Here a simple marble-machine with some spesial thinks on it. For example a AC and more. ''More info''
  4. Farmhouse Table

    Farmhouse Table. Clear pine,turned legs, beaded aprons and breadboard end top. Finish-Charles Neil's Pre-Color Conditioner - Blotch Control, Minwax Ipswich Pine Stain. Three coats gloss poly-two coats Satin poly. Pictures out side my home then at clients dining area.
  5. Coss

    Here is a Cross that I just completed. It took me just a tad over 2 Hours to complete. It was cut from Cherry Plywood. I used a FD#1 to Cut this. Hope Y'all like it. All comments welcome good or bad. Go ahead and hit me with your best shot lol. Oh and yeah, as late as it was I didn't...
  6. Built in office cabinetry

    I converted a bedroom in to an office several years ago when completing the home addition. I built all the cabinetry from knotty pine. The fluted shelving columns of the book cases have a chase running up through the middle to run the wiring for some sconces to the window seat area. The...
  7. Unity Urn

    A unity urn is an urn designed for two people. It has a divider inside to partition off according to needed size for the cremains. The bottom is screwed on. Made of maple, quilted maple, paduak, ebony and thuya burl. Dimension are approx. 10" wide x 13" long by 6" high. About the inlay: The...
  8. Kates Box

    This box was commissioned by BLM as a goodbye gift for an employee. It was a rush job and I got it done within an hour of the presentation. Whew! The box was designed around the size of the medallion which was a predermined size in order to fit the name and other pertinent info along with a...
  9. Walnut Earring Case

    This was a fun build. Dovetail joinery on the main body, and box joints on the drawers. Each drawer has its own gold plated keyed lock. Installing the handles on the sides was a challenge. In retrospect, I wish I had used a sliding dovetail on the center section. Clear poly finishes it off. I...
  10. Cutting Boards

    My first cutting board with a drain grove
  11. candle holder

    This is another simple project that can be made in just a few hours but will make a great Christmas present. I think anything that is hand made as a personal gift always beats store bought.
  12. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hey guys! Well, with more and more requests for wooden rings made from customer-supplied wood, I decided to purchase a bandsaw. Up until now, I've been getting by with splitting thin stock in some species (hickory, oaks… really easy) or carefully cutting by hand with a pullsaw and sanding down...
  13. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Quick question, i was wondering i have a 10" grinder from delta but i really don't like the cove/hollow gring it puts on my chisels and plane blades. I like the cove or hollow gring a 6" wheel puts on my tool blades, question is. Can i put a 6" wheel on my grinder or will this not spin...
  14. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Single Bevel $329 Double Bevel $399 I have some gift cards to Depot from my Chase rewards. (Something 5/3 would of never done, a different story there!) I've used all types sizes and brands of miter saws, for rough framing to trim carpentry. Miter saw will be in a: low prouduction/hobbyist...
  15. Marketplace Classifieds
    WOW! This looks like a super chance to get a drill press at a very reasonable price! Auction in S.F., CA On the West Coast for a change! Have FUN!
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have been reading reviews of specifically Jet 8 and 10 inch jointer / planers. What is the consensus guys & gals? Is it better to have 2 dedicated machines or do the combos do a good job for a small operator with minimum space?
  17. Marketplace Classifieds
    I have my dad's old Ward's Powr-Kraft model TPC-2610A radial arm saw from 1966 and no room in my shop. He was a putterer and probably used this saw less than fifty hours. I replaced the particle board table, and used it slightly. I also made a safety "key" for the trigger to replace the long...
  18. Marketplace Classifieds
    Helping a buddy of mine clear up his estate so he can relocate. I have the below listed blades for sale. They have been listed on eBay under seller name tntravler with the prices as noted below. Thanks, 60 tooth Master Mechanic 8" Hollow Ground Planer Circular blade 117.820 1 $12.01...
1-20 of 36 Results