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  1. A Little Tear

    This is a hexagonal Tabouret that I designed to sit next to my arm chair. It's made of Beech, an under appreciated and under utilized, domestic species. The marquetry is a 1,2,4 basket weave pattern with a tear in it and bees coming through onto the surface. I'm extremely pleased with...
  2. USAF First Sergeant Retirement shadowbox

    This display was ordered by a member of the Secretary of Defenses staff. The retiree is a Harley Davidson fan and wanted his display to reflect that. This #1 is built with solid oak and has custom cut glass front. The Diamond face comes off to allow access to fill it with metals, ribbons and...
  3. Brazillian Cherry Bowl with Blue and White Sand Inlay

    I used three pieces of old cherry scrap flooring glued with original gorilla glue. I used coarse white sand and fine blue sand with CA glue for the inlay. The fine sand seemed to be a LOT harder on my tools than the last project with only coarse sand. I have to reshape my chisels now. I...
  4. The Westport Chair - Before Adirondack

    It's no surprise that the Adirondack chair is such a popular project with LJ's. What else can you build so simply that is also so very comfortable to sit in, sipping a cold one after a long hard day of sore muscles and sawdust. Scanning the entries on this site I can see the many ways people...
  5. Glassy

    This hollow form vase was turned from end grain maple. It measures 8" tall by 4" wide. It is finished with multiple layers of aniline dye and topped with several coats of spray satin lacquer. I was experimenting with the dyes in an attempt of giving it an iridescent glass like appearance. All...
  6. before and after 1

  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Obviously, the #7 and #8 jointers are for jointing. Lie Nielsen's page mentions the #5 as a Jack to take care of the rough, gnarly surface and prepare for the #4 smoother. That leaves the #1, #2, #3 & #6. What is the proper use for these other bench planes?
  8. Blogs
    1,000+++ on LJ's Wow…time flies when you are having fun…just got back from a quick trip to grandma's and bam my e-mail is stuffed with projects from my good friends here at LJ's… So…trying to catch up I realized--1,007 days on LJ's…pretty crazy…I remember when I joined…heard about it in...
  9. Blogs
    #1 Phillipine mahogany & bubinga box, how I made it. These are my original design ideas for making my jewelry boxes. These diagrams may be a little confusing because I did not intended for them to be published. You guys are so nice, I had no choice but to share. This design was prevously...
  10. Woodturning
    I saw this video on WoodTurners Resource website. I thought it was a great way to make segmented pieces. There are four videos by Jerry Bennett. Very clever and simple.
  11. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    someone is offering me a ridgind 4gallon wet/dry vac for 15$ are these vacs any good? should i take the offer? because i do need a shop vac. what are your experiences/recomendations about this vac
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Ive found an 8" delta rockwell jointer that im interested in buying, the lady that has it has a whole shop of woodworking tools from her late not sure the year it was mfg, ive tried to find it online but only found similar ones. it seems its from the late 60's early 70's. It runs and...
1-12 of 12 Results