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Blog series by stefang updated 12-05-2015 07:16 AM 12 parts 33676 reads 279 comments total

Part 1: Getting started, day 1

11-14-2015 10:05 PM by stefang | 34 comments »

I have been wanting to make a wooden geared clock for some time now and I finally got around to buying some plans for one. I bought them from a German named Christopher Blasius from his website Holzmechanik. Sorry about the bad photo. Iphone problem. Reducing the fear factorI wanted to blog the build for fun and for those who have been thinking about building a wooden clock and who would be interested in seeing what is involved and how difficult it might be. This isn’t a tutorial...

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Part 2: The Frame- Day 2

11-16-2015 07:13 PM by stefang | 25 comments »

2nd Todays WorkMaterials were prepared for the frame cutouts. The 18mm (a little less than3/4”) birch this time. There wasn’t enough space to cut the half platters so the table saw was used as a work table to cut off what I needed with my saber saw. the platter was then divided them up the bandsaw and the patterns were attached with adhesive First the holes in the pattern were drilled. I tried to do this very accurately and I think they came out ok. The scroll saw cutting also ...

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Part 3: The Main Dial/Gear -Day 3

11-17-2015 07:36 PM by stefang | 46 comments »

How The Time Is Read On This ClockThis clock is a little different from most. It only has one hand which is the hour hand. This hand is stationary and stays at the 12 o’clock position while the clock dial turns. The clock dial is actually a gear with the hour numbers on it. Holes between the hour numbers denote the minutes with one hole for each 5 min. Having To Prioritize Due To Material ProblemsSome of the other wheels call for 6.5mm thickness which was not available. I bought 6mm ...

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Part 4: Day Finishing Up The Clock Dial - 4

11-18-2015 06:40 PM by stefang | 22 comments »

The gear teeth on the clock dial had to be filed down to the pattern lines after cutting yesterday. I tried making a sanding stick that I could run in my scroll saw and it worked for awhile but the blade holders eventually split the wooden stick and that was that. I decided to hand file it instead and this turned out to be just as fast and I was also able to file the gullets at the same time with the edge of the same small flat file I used. As you can see if you look closely I pencil marked ...

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Part 5: Escapement Gear, Minute Gear and Idler Gear - Day 5

11-20-2015 07:08 PM by stefang | 19 comments »

A Wonderful dayI was going to begin the task of converting my 6mm thick ply to 6.5mm. My plan was to sand down the 6mm enough so that I could add a veneer to bring it up to 6.5mm. The first thing I did though was to use my digital calipers to measure the actual thickness, and lo and behold it was exactly 6.5mm. What a relief! It made me very happy. Today’s WorkI made the 6.5mm work pieces for the escapement gear,, the minute gear and the idler gear and some other pieces. The pattern ...

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Part 6: Recut One Gear and Made a Sanding Jig

11-21-2015 05:46 PM by stefang | 18 comments »

Got a late start today so not much done. Todays WorkYou might remember that I messed up the escapement gear. The sharp tips of the teeth were very fragile and I broke a few out on the tip and back edges. I made a replacement today and found a good cutting technique that preserves the tips of the teeth and I also used a close to zero blade clearance auxiliary table for my scroll saw which maybe helped too. Improved Cutting TechniqueInstead of cutting fragile tooth tips close to the pat...

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Part 7: Bits and Pieces - Day 7

11-23-2015 07:06 PM by stefang | 12 comments »

Cutting out lots of small items today. Almost finished. just the main weight and the small counter weight plus the pendulum arm remains, plus a few more holes to drill. There will also be a threaded rod on the end of the pendulum rod to make it adjustable. Todays WorkThe items cut today consisted of the bob components, spacers, pinion gears, escapement anchor and it rocker, the cap for the winding barrel, the ratchet gear and it’s blockers, the hour dial and lastly the tops and th...

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Part 8: The Main Weight and Finishing Up Details - Day 8

11-27-2015 05:45 PM by stefang | 17 comments »

I finally got back into the shop today after doing a lot of shopping. Today’s WorkThis morning was used to cut the parts for my main weight and to finish up some small parts, I also had to make a couple of grub screws that I haven’t been able to find at any store here. The main weight in the plan is a plastic tube almost 20” long and filled with about 2.4kg of divers lead (small lead round pellets). I didn’t like the look of the plastic in the plan so I did a lit...

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Part 9: Gluing - day 9

11-28-2015 06:36 PM by stefang | 25 comments »

Today’s workToday was used for gluing different parts up, namely; the main frame, the winding wheel, various wheel spacers and related pinions onto the wheels (gears) plus the coopered main weight and counter weight/handle. I also polished all the arbors (axles). I also ran the winding wheel on my disk sander jig to first get the inside wheels round and then again after gluing all 5 disks together to get the outside round and balanced. It was a bit of a puzzle to figure out which spa...

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Part 10: Miscellaneous work - 10th day

11-30-2015 07:50 PM by stefang | 14 comments »

Todays workI had hoped to be able to mount the frame on the wall today, temporarily assemble the clock and then see if it would run. That didn’t happen as a lot of small jobs had to be done first and it wound up taking a lot more time than planned. At the end of my last blog I was here with the clock temporarily assembled. One problem solvedYou might be able to see in the photo that the main hour dial is too high to match up with the pinion gear of the uppermost wheel on the left. I...

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Part 11: TITANIC II -11th day

12-02-2015 07:41 PM by stefang | 19 comments »

I tried to test out the clock yesterday in spite of having a bad glue-up on my pendulum bearing ring. It is supposed to be on the same plane as the pendulum rod, but the clamp I used to glue it up pulled it askew. I tried it out anyway and it oscillated back and for and in circles all at the same time. No big deal, as it was easy to fix but another 24hours for glue to dry. Here is the new one glued up. Never mind the blood, it’s generic. see below Since the pendulum wouldn’...

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Part 12: Clock completed, test delayed - day 12

12-05-2015 07:16 AM by stefang | 28 comments »

As you know from my last blog in this series, my first test of the new clock resulted in the main weight crashing down. I was standing next to it when it happened and my reaction caused my back to go a little bad. My grandson was supposed to come and work on his project today, so I used yesterday to get the weight back in order and to clean up the shop. I had planned to make a new weight, but I determined that the problem was caused by the thinning out that I did on the inside of the ...

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