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Blog series by stefang updated 06-30-2015 03:32 PM 10 parts 62655 reads 176 comments total


05-30-2015 05:30 PM by stefang | 16 comments »

The reasonMy wife doesn’t like storing our big gas grill in our garden shed because it takes too much space (and she keeps buying more outdoor furniture to store in it over the winter). My solution to keep her sweet is to build a small shed to house the grill year around in the area on our terrace where we use it. Construction detailsThe shed isn’t too different from any other building and a frame could just be knocked together with a hammer and nails, but what’s the fun in that? So lookin...

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Part 2: Sizing the Shed

05-31-2015 03:05 PM by stefang | 23 comments »

You might be wondering why I am going to all the bother with such a heavy construction. Well, the weather gets pretty hairy here in the Fall and Winter, wet and wild! We are very close to the coast and we our house also sits on the highest point in our town which is about 335ft. above sea level, so we get some pretty high winds and strong storms here. I’m not planning to attach it to the house wall as I want it to be easily moveable when we wash and paint the house walls. Luckily it’s sitting...

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Part 3: Stretchers and Siding Panels

06-02-2015 05:55 PM by stefang | 14 comments »

I am back on the job after celebrating my wife’s 75th birthday yesterday. We are now slightly over 150 years old combined. We have learned a lot over our lifetimes, but much of it is outdated and we are too tired to use the rest. That’s life. Today’s workI drilled all the screw holes for the boards (I’ll call them stretchers) that connect the two sides. I used a bit that drills the hole, countersinks it and leaves a hole for a wood plug. You probably have these or h...

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Part 4: Assembling the structure

06-04-2015 05:20 PM by stefang | 15 comments »

In the shopToday I first nailed woodstrips from the top to bottom on the front and back legs. These are thin strips used to cover the cut ends of the panel boards and act as a platform for nailing on the corner trim later. Next the strips were slightly planed to bring them even with the front and back legs. as shown here with one end in the vise and the other on my deadman which anchors to the bench top. Yes, I am showing off my bench accessories! The boards on the floor will cover the top...

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Part 5: The Roof

06-09-2015 03:56 PM by stefang | 26 comments »

Laying the ShinglesJust a short update. I got the asphalt shingles for the roof. The shingle substrate is 3/4” tongue and groove panel boards on the top. The boards run from the back to the front. I left enough room on both ends for molding so the ends of the boards on the front and back could be covered. I haven’t put on any aphalt shingles before. The info that came with them said to use a special knife to trim them with. This is a knife that has a curved blade that forms a ...

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Part 6: Door Frames - Mortising work

06-22-2015 04:31 PM by stefang | 16 comments »

It’s been awhile since my last installment on this project. I had to install a burnt out garage door opener and change the tires on my car. That was supposed to be finished Saturday after last, but I messed up my back working on the opener and I had to take a whole week off to recover. Today’s workI started on the doors today. I have been agonizing myself trying to decide between what I would have liked, that is, a frame and panel door, and the door I need which will hold up in...

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Part 7: Door Frames - Tenoning work and glue-up

06-23-2015 02:49 PM by stefang | 9 comments »

I thought I had made a measuring/cutting mistake on the horizontal door frame pieces, but it turned out to not be so. That saved me a lot of time and I was happy that I wasn’t so sloppy after all. Today’s WorkI marked up one horizontal frame piece in preparation for cutting the tenons. Here I have set up my sliding table on the saw to cut the tenon shoulders. You can see that I have clamped a spacer to the fence to help make repeatable cuts on all 6 pieces. see below He...

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Part 8: Door Hinges

06-25-2015 04:45 PM by stefang | 12 comments »

I didn’t get much done today as this is our shopping day. I did manage to get the hinges installed on the door frames though. Yesterday after taking the door frames out of the clamps after the glue-up I needed to increase the frame thickness on the back of the frame to allow long enough hinge screws and also to somewhat reinforce the hinge area. This was done with simple wooden blocks glued and screwed to the frame. see below Today wiith the reinforcements dry I could take t...

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Part 9: Hanging the Doors

06-26-2015 04:20 PM by stefang | 19 comments »

I didn’t get as much done as I thought I would today. I’m not sure why, but I think it had something to do with the sun, which made an unexpected, but welcome appearance. see below Ok, back to woodworking. I was trying (not very hard) to get my doors hung up today. I made a couple of moldings for the front face of the shed sides to attach them to. Instead of nailing on the moldings first and then doing the mortises I decided it would be a lot easier to do them in the shop, ...

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Part 10: Finishing Up

06-30-2015 03:32 PM by stefang | 26 comments »

The carpentry work is finished and only the painting remains. I enjoyed this project and I hope it will be a convenience for us in the years to come. The space it occupies on our terrace is never used, so it was a good place to put it. The only downside is that though the shed initially fit nicely between our roof drain pipe and a window frame on the opposite side, I did not allow for the moldings which increased the width. That means we can’t have the shed tight against the wall as I h...

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