Morris Chair build ala. Wood Mag. plans

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Blog series by Mainiac Matt updated 07-20-2019 06:38 PM 18 parts 17721 reads 106 comments total

Part 1: And so it begins

01-28-2019 09:08 PM by Mainiac Matt | 22 comments »

One of my main goals in setting up a home woodshop has been to make heirloom quality furniture in the Mission and Arts & Crafts motifs. And after two hope chests, three sets of speakers and a platform bed, I’m finally ready to dive into my first real furniture piece, a Morris chair. After reviewing most of the plans out there, I decided that I liked the Wood Magazine plan best. After much clean up and organization to reclaim the horizontal surfaces of the shop from junk col...

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Part 2: bending jig my way

02-08-2019 09:20 PM by Mainiac Matt | 3 comments »

The Wood Mag. plan makes the bent arms by laminating thin strips together while bending them over a form. If you buy the paper copy of the plans, you get a full size template, but if you download them, you get a sheet that details the geometry. The dimensioining is pretty good, but this type of faired curve is very difficult to layout and match exactly. (O.K., if your not anal retentive like me, you can just swag a curve, cut it on the band saw and call it good enough). For o...

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Part 3: Mortises cut in legs

02-09-2019 09:19 PM by Mainiac Matt | 2 comments »

This will only be the second time that I’ve used the old Delta chisel morticer I bought 2nd hand long ago. The last time I was cutting Mahogony and it cut like butter. It’s been well over a year since then and this time I’m cutting White Oak so I didn’t know what to expect. I had bought the cone shaped diamond hones to sharpen the chisels and they are still really sharp, but I did touch up the boring bit tips with an India slip stone. I have the machine set up with an X-Y vise and moun...

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Part 4: Cleaned up mortices and chamfered feet

02-11-2019 12:48 AM by Mainiac Matt | 8 comments »

Made a sanding block by attaching 80 grit sand paper to a 3/8” thick Aluminum block and used it to smooth up the side walls of the through mortises. Before After Set up for chamfers And with that the legs are done Now to prep stock for the side frame rails. I’m trying out a new blade for the first time. No burns and a smooth clean cut. I think it’s a keeper. You know the drill… jointer, jointer, TS, planer, TS Ready to cut some...

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Part 5: Tenons anyone?

02-16-2019 11:41 PM by Mainiac Matt | 8 comments »

Mounted the new FTG rip blade and dig out my shop built tenonig jig. Set blade height Adjusted jig stops to get stock square Set the fence compensating for the 1” thick jig plate and away I go Despite my best measuring and making a test cut, I managed to cut the first one too thin This is more like it. I want to be a pube over so I can fit tightly with a shoulder plane Cleaned up the hairy edges and hand cut the whisper left over The scraps gave me an idea to fix the ski...

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Part 6: Slats, spacers & CNC

03-03-2019 12:20 AM by Mainiac Matt | 9 comments »

Last weekend I cut the slats for the side frame and the slot in the rails… today I’m making the tiny spacers. I use a gripper to rip the stock to 5/8” Set up a stop block on the SCMS I call these my “pinkie savers” 24 pcs 1.25" an 8 pcs 2.875 Pre-sanded them Moving on… I’ll take door #2 Some of you may know that I also do some hobby metal working and long ago converted a bench top baby mill to CNC controls ...

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Part 8: Seat back time

04-13-2019 07:56 PM by Mainiac Matt | 2 comments »

These sticks told me they wanted to be a seat back when they grew up. And it’s time to lay out some mortices…

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Part 9: More joinery and a boo-boo

04-15-2019 03:17 AM by Mainiac Matt | 3 comments »

Cut mortices on the chisel morticer and then cleaned up the bottoms… only to have a problem, as I did this in the vice and the bottom was not supported. Fortunately, I was able to glue it back together and scrape the glue off. With the mortises done I got to try out a tenoning jig that was recently given to me. But it doesn’t open up wide enough to turn the 3.5” boards, so I’ll be keeping my old home made jig. Finished up cutting the shoulders on the ...

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Part 10: Getting it all together

04-27-2019 10:25 PM by Mainiac Matt | 11 comments »

Turned 3/4” hardwood dowel down to a light 5/8” Sanded on the lathe to fit a test hole Got a nice slip fit Cut cleats to support the seat frame. Here I’m ripping a 7 degree bevel. I’m in the minority in that I prefer a right tilt TS. Ripping bevels is safe and easy by moving the fence to the left of the blade. And here’s the last glue up. And test fitting the back. Finally starting to look like a chair. I think I deserve a smoke and a cold o...

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Part 11: Side project in prep. for cushion upholstery

05-05-2019 08:52 PM by Mainiac Matt | 9 comments »

This is a 1922 Singer model 66 “Red Eye” treadle powered sewing machine Stripped, deep cleaned and lubed. And converted to high torque electric motor with heavy gage leather needle. Seen here in action

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Part 12: Finish Decisions

05-13-2019 03:57 AM by Mainiac Matt | 7 comments »

Set up a test for NH3 fuming I put a gasket on the tote and had a pretty good seal, opened up the four windows in the basement shop, two fans and the air filter circulating. All went well, managing the fumes, until I took the test pieces out. They really stunk for a couple hours. Enough to convince me not to do anything bigger in the shop. Fuming with 1/4 cup 30% NH3 I got a significant brown in just 1 hour, a little darker after 2 hours, with no perceptible change at 3 ho...

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Part 13: Fuming day

05-16-2019 05:40 PM by Mainiac Matt | 2 comments »

1.5 cups of 30% NH3 in a glass sheet cake pan. 62 deg. F outside Waiting for the 1 hour mark to check the color

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Part 14: Cutting up leather

05-16-2019 07:53 PM by Mainiac Matt | 6 comments »

Cracked .pdf files for leather pattern with Inkscape. Saved as .dxf. Deleted text and dims and scaled back to full size. Then dumped the files into our CNC corrugated cutter at work and made templates. Laid templates out on the hide to avoid hump hole, etc… Traced templates with a silver Sharpie. Cut to the line with beastly new HD shop scissors.

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Part 15: Prepping cushions

06-22-2019 11:12 PM by Mainiac Matt | 4 comments »

Routed foam edges. Applied Dacron batting with spray glue.

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Part 16: Seat leather vents

06-24-2019 10:32 PM by Mainiac Matt | 2 comments »

I already have brass grommets, the punch and the hammer and anvil set up for putting grommets in tarps, so I decided to use these with a felt back instead of buying the whole setup for the special vent grommets from Sail Rite. Passes air freely and looks neat and trim.

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Part 17: Seat Cushion Done

06-24-2019 11:02 PM by Mainiac Matt | 5 comments »

My old Singer wouldn’t get through some of the spots with 6 layers, so I had to get a local guy who does alterations and has a commercial machine to help me out. Thanks to Stormin’ Norman … Squeezing the cushion in took three people. I was hoping for a bit more of an over stuffed fit, but overall I’m pretty pleased.

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Part 18: Calling it done

07-20-2019 06:38 PM by Mainiac Matt | 1 comment »

Calling the Morris Chair done. Finally wrapped up the back rest cushion and added 3/4” to the seat cushion to better fit the leather Project post to follow

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