Rodel chair build.

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Blog series by Mark updated 07-13-2014 02:10 PM 9 parts 14305 reads 30 comments total

Part 1: Intro

04-01-2014 02:29 AM by Mark | 0 comments »

First and foremost I must thank those who have gone before me. Those who provided the inspiration, tips , helpful suggestions and knowledge that helped to make the first 2 builds possible and enjoyable. Grampa Doddie. Your blog was inspiration personified. I read and re read your chapters over and over. You spelled out the steps to such detail, and for the answers to my P/M’s I thank you. Pintodeluxe, AandCstyle, again thank you for your input and for answering my P/M’s. Your tips and sug...

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Part 2: Front, sides and back rails.

04-02-2014 02:43 AM by Mark | 3 comments »

As previously stated I had picked up 3- 6/4 Cherry boards to use for the lower rails. After running them through the planner to knock them down to 1 1/8”. I ripped enough of the material to 3” to make all the rails. These I marked with chalk as to what they are, hopefully to avoid confusion. The ends of the side rails are beveled at 4.5° to allow the rails to fan out to meet the front legs. On the previous chairs I used a protractor and angle gauge. While this worked quite...

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Part 3: Back assembly.

04-04-2014 11:15 PM by Mark | 5 comments »

The crest and lower back rail were to be from 1 7/8” stock. As I didn’t want to shell out for 8/4 stock I ran 2 pieces of 4/4 through the planer to get a nice smooth surface then glued them up. The jury is still out on whether this was a good idea or not. After trimming the stock to it’s finished size I laid out the curves and laid out the tenons. As I said before, laying out the larger chairs was a bit challenging. I cut the tenons first. Snuggling up to the f...

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Part 4: Back legs

04-14-2014 03:46 PM by Mark | 5 comments »

I picked up 6- 8’ x 4/4 Cherry boards That I cut in half and 3 Walnut 4/4 shorts (5’) Way back in Dec. I made the templates for the rear legs from ¼” plywood. I thought this might stand up better than fiberboard. Next up was to slice the 4/4 Walnut into 3. the 2 outside pcs were sliced 3/8 thick. This gave me some extra thickness when I fed it through the planer. After reducing the Walnut and giving the Cherry a cleanup in the planer I laminated them together. I was able t...

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Part 5: Front legs

04-19-2014 03:02 AM by Mark | 2 comments »

I started with the same scenario as the rear legs, ¼” piece of Walnut sandwiched between 2 layers of dressed Cherry. I had previously ripped the pieces to 1 ¾” wide. Ripped to final width of just a bit over 1 ½ sq. I left it just a tad over so there would be some extra material for scraping and sanding. Care must be taken at this point to ensure the Cherry is of equal thickness on both sides of the Walnut. I sliced the tops and bottoms off to give me a rough length and a starting point ...

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Part 6: Floating tenons

04-27-2014 11:24 PM by Mark | 4 comments »

When I cut the curve in the upper and lower crest rails there was a fair bit of scrape left over. I had planed to use this for the floating tenons. The mortise was ½” wide so I ripped the tenons just a bit thicker to ensure a tight fit. I used a ½” round over bit in the router to clean up the edges. A bit of sanding. A stroke or 2 with the plane and file and they were done.. Time to soften the edges of the side rails. Using the go to tools, file, plane and spoke shave...

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Part 7: Side and Cross Stretchers

05-16-2014 03:57 PM by Mark | 1 comment »

I ripped all my stock for the side and cross stretchers as per drawing, but I chose to go with a straight half lap joint as opposed to the dove tail simply because it’s easier.Because there is a compound angle on the back of the side stretcher and a single bevel on the front, I obviously chose to nibble the single bevel when creeping up on my final length. I started with the overall length of each stretcher and slowly snipped a bit off the front till I arrived at the final length. Onc...

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Part 8: Corner brackets and dowels.

06-03-2014 05:02 PM by Mark | 2 comments »

On to the corner brackets. I realize all the corners were supposed to be 4.5° off 90 but thought it prudent to measure and check the angle before I cut up a whole bunch of stock (measure twice cut once). Drill some holes. And it should look like this. Although it wasn’t on the drawing, I kinda liked the idea of doweling the mortise and tenon joints. After I had asked several of the LJ’s for their opinion I decided to add dowels to pin the M/T’s together. As Walnut was the ob...

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Part 9: Upholstery and complete.

07-13-2014 02:10 PM by Mark | 8 comments »

Well. They’re done. Damn! What a project. I borrowed a pneumatic staple gun from a good friend. I checked around the Youtube vids for instructions and found a whole bunch of stuff. I went to several different suppliers for materials and bought enough foam and Dacron to do 1 seat pan. I tried a seat using a piece of Naugahyde . All things said and done it turned out ok….but. The leather I had chosen was $625 / hide. The upholsterer I was to get it from said I might get away with 1...

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