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Not much at the present time and a bit of a mess but It's what I got to start with. It's just a garage.

But when you go inside its a work in progress
Got some clamp up overhea and some near the drill press. To the left of the buckets is a home built shaper granddad built I'd like to use it but he never built any stationary rails or safety items into it . There's a grinder it still works and that 9" Ryobi bandsaw
what the heck can I use that for
Balsa wood stuff? I put up a peg board to handle assorted tools. The table in the center is my Dad's idea of a shop table and since he made It I'm not all that eager to make alterations too it but the wheels have no locks and need a vise and some dog holes but on the whole its sturdy and large. He used it to build shadow boxes. The form template i hung to the side behind that cheeap broken bench. There's a Jet Planer with some bags of shop rags under the table. The planer to my shock only cuts 1/16" at a time to my shock is that normal for table tops?
Not much to see here up and back my largest project was i salvaged old 2×4's and put my chop saw and Kreg jig to work making shelving supports and also used laminate shelve someone tossed that were brand new. I'm using a old file cabinet to store chemicals,paints ect. I rescued a cashiers table that someone also threw out .

Better view of old cashier's table and some shop cases and assorted power tools. Sorted Lumber old Craftsman radial saw I really don't know if It's worth getting working ??
And here I have a old chop saw with a make shift stand I've rigged a old radio to a old XM Radio to get to sound in the place.
But my real joy has not arrived yet my JET Proshop JS-10 30" Hybrid Table Saw :) So my first project will be the 100th Issue Shop Notes Router Table. :)



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Yupa, how about posting some pictures of your shop when you get an opportunity to do so? Tours of other shops are always welcome.

By the way let me welcome you to LJs as well. It is good to have you on board as a member of the group.