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Workshop Information

United States
The shop is in my garage, it's a 2 1/2 car size so I have a decent amount of room. Not huge but not tiny either, I could always use more space though. I've been building it up overthe past 2 years so it's still mostly a startup work in progress. Pegboard all over as the base and I'm starting to build cabinetry around as well. In theory I can move the tools towards the walls so I can fit the cars in, though my Deere is worth more than my car so it's the only vehicle currently parked there.

It's attached but uninsulated so I use a portable propane heater in the winter. I have a HotDawg from a greenhouse that needs to be installed, that's on the todo list but it's funny how that costs the same as the bandsaw I want. Hmm, which one? Also on that list is insulation, a new window and rigid foam on the garage door. It's funny looking back at how the norm in 1971 was so much different for insulating a house, doesn't everyone miss cheap energy?

Electric is sadly lacking, the whole thing is on a single 15A circuit, I suppose that was good when it was built in 1971. The house does have 200A service so there's plenty of spare power, it's just in the wrong place. I'm decent with electrical so the plan is to run a 60A sub-panel into the garage and distribute from that. For now I have to avoid 220V tools which does limit things in some manner. Thus far I've been enable to work with 110V motors and strategic power on procedures but I feel I'll outgrow the power in the next year. Example: I can't run the heater when both the table saw and dust collector is running. Thoughts and ideas for the sub-panel setup would be most appreciated.

Same boat with lighting there is a single, 8 ft, fluorescent fixture in the middle of the ceiling. There's just not enough amperage to do more today. I use targeted work lights around the tools and turn them on when I need them.

The current tool list:

  • Craftsman 21833 10" table saw. It's good enough for my skills today, I upgraded from a decade old Delta bench saw last summer.
  • DeWalt DW735X planer w. stand. Love this thing.
  • DeWalt DW715 miter saw on a Porta-Mate stand.
  • Ryobi 10" drill press. It's at least 10 years old but does a decent job. Haven't outgrown that one yet.
  • Ryobi 16" scroll saw. Garage sale find my wife. Does a so so job.
  • Harbor Freight 2HP dust collector. Great unit for the price.
  • Ridgid EB-4424 Oscillating belt/spindle sander. Got this for xmas in 2014, works great.
  • Craftsman combination plunge/fixed base router. I have a Craftsman pro router table mounted in the table saw, it's usually in that. I could use another one so I can keep a router in the table and have another one for the plunge base.
  • Craftsman 3"x21" belt sander.
  • Dewalt D26451 random orbit sander. Not a bad sander for the price, a Festool might make it on to my want list some day.
  • Many hand planes, I'm working towards a set of Stanley type 11's. I currently have no's 2,3,4 and 5 all have been restored. I've become sort of a hand plane junkie.
  • Freud SD606 dial-a-width dado. Thanks Rich Green, it'll go to good use!

My want list:

  • Laguna 1412 band saw
  • Jet 6" jointer
  • Rikon Midi Lathe
  • Combo disc/belt sander
  • Stanley 45 combo plane
  • Stanley 75 bullnose plane
  • Stanley 92 shoulder plane
  • Stanley 98 rabbet plane
  • Norris A6 infill plane. I'm not sure I'd actually use it, it's just cool to look at.


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I have the Laguna 1412. Man what a great saw. You will not be disappointed .

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Take a couple hours and wire up some 20A recepts. And more lights never hurt.

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I was drawing out plans for the power the other day and I can build in (3) 10A 220V receptacles around the shop, I was wondering if 10A on 220V is enough though. That's what, 20A on 110, which seems like it could be light down the road. Seems like 15A/220V could be a better choice but more than 15A on 220 means I need things like L5-20/30 receptacles/plugs like I use in server room racks. Those things aren't cheap. Bite the bullet on thicker wire and go 15A 220? We own the house and I'm only leaving this house one way: feet first.

Just got a Woodcraft holiday flyer, the Laguna is $1099. I can't believe the reviews it's gotten, I haven't seen anyone give any downside to it. In fact, a couple of the reviews were something like "we can't believe the quality and features in a saw at this voltage/price". Thanks for the validation… I'm jealous. It's a nice saw.