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United States
This is my first attempt to post something on Lumber Jocks. I think I'm ready to step up to a better lathe. I'd like to be able to turn larger projects - outboard, but shop space restricts turning off the right end of the bed. Off the left end is OK, so rotating headstock lathes have appeal. Looking for 1.5 HP+ and electronically controled speed with reverse.

The search seems to have narrowed to the Nova XP or the General International 25-650 ABC M1. I would appreciate any comments or feedback on either of these options, or other relevent comments.

Thank you,

Clark Champion


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I've also narrowed my search to the same two lathes, but am still considering the Jet 1642EVS-2…unless a used Powermatic comes along…even a model 90 in good condition. Clark, what did you decide on? Does anyone have experience withe the General International 25-650 m1? mostly wondering about design, quality control, and customer service. Since they're not as big in the US, there's a dearth of information available. Thanks in advance to all who reply…