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Project Information

Every now and then I needed some kind of tapered piece of wood in the past. I then used to devise some makeshift contraption to quickly perform the task at hand. Afterwards the jig usually went into the bin.

Today I made some wedges for a couple of small planes I intend to make. And so I decided to build a versatile tapering jig to cut the small pieces today - and everything else in the future. The jig rides on the parallel fence where it is pushed backwards with the work piece attached to it. The angle is set with two bolts in a cross rail. The hinge is made of maple - something I wanted to try for quite a while.

Since my wedges are so small I used double sided tape to glue them to the jig.The wedges came out nearly perfect - just some 1/10 mm off which I hand planed square.



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That is top shelf!! Very nice job! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!.............Jim