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Workshop Information

United States
I am in the process of building a new woodshop out in the backyard, and just got the south wall up yesterday.
Boy was I tired. We were expecting snow today so I went to Lowe's Sat. and bought enough lumber and OSB to complete a wall that is built 20' long on a slope. I got some of my equipment in there and didn't want it to get snowed on, so I busted ass to get the wall up.


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Is that the FIRST wall to go up?
Is that the LAST wall to go up?
When does/did the roof go up?
Where are the PICTURES?

No PICTURES, it never happened!!! Lol.

Hope your equipment was not buried under the snow?

Oh, yeah, Welcome to the "Not So Sane" asylum, we like to call LumberJocks!!

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The picture of your shop looks exactly like mine - nothing! LOL ! ! ! Mine is now in the think'n stage! ******************** luck with yours!