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Project Information

This is a continuation of my Rhapsody In Walnut that I started with my previous project. (See my draw leaf table.) The plans and build are from the WWGOA Premium site.
The main "family" of chairs, the set of six, are from walnut. The odd ball is the eccentric uncle, I guess! The legs are ash and purpleheart. The upper aprons are mahogany and red oak, the lower rails are maple and canary wood and finally a white oak seat. The tall (bar) stools are 30". The mid-size are for a counter top bar and are 24". The low stools are chair height at 20".
The walnut stools are for my house and the multi-wood is a special request for my brother. (Seriously, it's what he wanted.) The legs are 1 ¼" square and the ends are cut at 5 degree/5 degree on a compound angle. (Next time I will likely make them 1 ½" square.) The seats are 1" thick and a little under 12" square. The aprons are 4/4 and are cut on 5-degree angles on the ends. The legs and aprons are joined with loose tenons. The tops are secured with table top fasteners. All parts sanded to 150. The walnut is dyed with medium brown from General Finishes. All are topcoated with 2 coats of Arm R Seal gloss and a final coat of semi gloss.
Thanks for looking and "Have a seat!"



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I see your stools were posted twice here on LJ's. This one didn't have any comments so I'll make my comment on this one.
I like the seat top it's much larger than the ones I built and I know if I had to make them again I would go for the size you made yours. I like your style and all the different sizes you made. I can see someone using the short ones as end tables or a TV Tray. Not to take anything away form your work here just my opinion here.
Nice work all around.. I wish I could take a seat and try one on for size! Good Job lobro4!