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Project Information

Wood And Materials Used
Back board of laminated chipboard, white water pipe
Tools Used
Bandsaw, small butane torch
I was impressed by the way that Glenn Teagle had his woodturning chisels mounted in his YouTube video 'Woodturning a handsander using my Carbide Chisels',
He informed me that he had used 50mm pipe, but all my chisels would have just fallen though that size, and I did not fancy having to make - and fit - a number of bungs. However, luckily I was able to find some 36mm OD water pipe that suited my chisels.
As the pipe is made from thermo-plastic, I found that by playing the flame from my little gas torch (the sort that cooks use) on the end of a piece of pipe for about 20 seconds as I spun it around, it softened enough so that the end could be belled out slightly using the largest of my chisels. This meant that all the chisels sat nicely in their holders.
I did have one chisel that was smaller than the rest, that would pass through even this smaller pipe, but again I used my torch to soften the sides of the pipe near the top, and then pushed a screwdriver gently inwards to create an internal step. I did this on all four 'sides', to create the same effect as a drilled bung. So even though what I have is neater, I could have used larger pipe without a lot of bung making.
I mounted the sections of pipe on a backboard, using a hot-melt glue gun, and then screwed the backboard to my workshop wall, using a couple of spacers to move the tools slightly away from the wall for easy selection.
I must admit that after worrying about the work involved in making lots of bungs and fixing them in position, I was rather proud of my 'thinking about it in bed' solution.


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Looks like a good solution.