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Workshop Information

United States

My work shop is a 14'x14' room, with a 8'x10' storage room for portable tools and hardware, and added 8'x20' gluing, clamping, and finishing room. The wall benches all have shelves under them for wood storage. The center workbench also doubles as a outfeed table the table saw. The ceiling has 3 Air Filtration units, and 3 dust collector units under two corner benches. For a small area it's rather functional. by these pictures it looks rather messy.



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nice description of your shop but where are the pic,s were a visual show and tell bunch here wooden dreams.welcome to lumber jocks.i agree about the clamps.

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That's a nice shop and some impressive tools.
That's a great Grizzly sander.

I can see your DC under your bench. I'm going to cut a hole in my shop rear door, put the DC outside and run the 4" hose to a dictated tool.

Thanks for all the great information.
When I get a larger shop I'll get the Wen 3410.

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James Mc.