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Just a simple little project I did yesterday.

My house is old and drafty and my wife wanted to hang thermal curtains over the big window in our living room, problem the bracket/holders for the blinds that are already there make using off the shelf hardware impossible ( they do not stick out far enough from the wall.

I came up with this solution and painted it white at my wifes request.

All pieces just had a simple round over with the router, I also cut the channel you see in the third picture with a straight bit and a stop block (except the first bracket, accidentally went all the way through and glued a piece of wood into the channel to cover it up, oops) so its not perfect, but it does what I wanted it to do, hold up my curtain road and be inexpensive. The little support pieces might not be necessary but I liked the way they looked, just a 45 degree miter.

I wasn't sure if I should post this on the "home improvement" side or here, since its a little of both.



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Thanks for posting, I have to make some for our patio door.