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As I just mentioned in my blog I was able to take some time this weekend and finish up a few pens and make some others. All of the wooden pens were made from salvaged wood that I dried in my garage or shop and then cut into blanks.

Pic 1.
Thunder Cloud Plum
Thunder Cloud Plum
Ficus (I used Sharpie markers to add color before applying the finish and wax)
Maple (I can't remember which type)

Pic 2.
All Honeysuckle

Pic 3.

I made the mini pen out of a blank that I picked up the other night. My DW wants to make acrylic pens for gifts this year and I had not turned one before so I figured I would give it a try. I like working wood better.

The pink one is the first one my wife turned on her own, I prepped the blank and she took it from there. I did find that they turn a little easier if i take the corners off with a router first. I have now routed and cut the other 9 blanks and will be finishing the prep work early this week so she can work on them. I'll post the finished product in my blog rather then as project.




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You was busy today! The pens are really nice. I like the streak of dark in the maple pen in the first pic. Are you giving these out as gifts? I am sure that anyone receiving one as gift will love it.

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Some cool looking pens. Nice job on yours and your wifes.