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Project Information

I'm probably as sick as everyone else seeing all of the WW pencil holders. What can I say though? These things are easy to make and cost next to nothing to produce if you get the pieces out of your throw away pile of buy them out of a dollar bin like I did. I believe the sides are QSWO and the base is walnut. Finish is Minwax wipe on poly. Nothing else.

Also included is a picture of my first every shop dog Carmen. She's six monthes old and can be a handful at times. It is nice to hear from other dog owners that she is actually well behaved and a good puppy. Having never owned a dog before I'd never have thought that.

Pictures not included are of my new tools I bought, which I jokingly refer to as my economic stimulus. I bought a new Bosch 1617 router combo as well as template guides and an edge guide for it. I also bought a Kreg K3 system which replaces a piece of craftsman aluminum junk I could never get to work right. Haven't used the router yet but played with the K3 jig a little bit and was impressed. Glue will definately stiffen up those joints more. I am really impressed with the engineering and the thought that went into product design with it. It is also nice to have a dust collection that actually works as well as you want it to. Makes a person want to see how a Festool works. Well any longer and I'll have to post this as a blog. Happy woodworking.



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Looks like QSWO to me, too. I like it a lot, especially as my small cutoffs pile grows out of control :) I've been looking for ideas for all of it. Thanks for sharing.