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After debating what to get someone that has everything they need, I got the idea to make them a wooden tie I had seen on this site previously.

This is sort of a combination of ideas i found in several online searches.

Due to the difficulty in wrapping the gift, I made a box special for this tie out of pallet maple harvested for free from a local store. I also made sure the box was difficult to open, I secured the lid with 6 small screws. This made for a great unwrapping. He had to find a screwdriver before finishing opening the gift.

The pallet wood is roughly 5/16" thick. The tie is about 1/8" thick with the knot being 3/4" lumber shaped into the knot. The tie is also maple (not from a pallet) but has some sap wood showing the almost 1/2 and 1/2 coloring. Just a clear polyurethane finish with a very light coating of the minwax cherry stain to bring out the grain pattern.



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niice tie :)
and I like the way of making it difficult for people to unwrap the gifts
thank´s for sharing that idea

take care

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That's really cool, I am sure it was appreciated