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I made some of these for Christmas gifts. I did not take pics of the others, but I used the middle of the barrel head to make a longer board with straight sides and curved ends. Some shorter boards I cut in half so that they had a square end and a curved end. The one shown uses the outer parts of the barrel head after the middle section has been removed.

You have to take the head completely apart. Some have metal pins holding the oak pieces together. The pins must be removed and then the pieces are glued back together. Some heads have a tongue and groove design which makes them easier to work with. Others have wood dowels holding them together.

I use biscuits or wood dowels to put them back together. I sand them nice and smooth, except for the logo or insignia if one is on the piece. I finish with lemon oil.

I made the handles from the barrel hoops. I cut them, grind off the sharp corners with a bench grinder, polish the galvanized metal with a wire brush, and coat it with polyurethane. I attach it to the board with 3/4 in. pan head screws, making sure to offset them.

I will try to get pics of the other styles.

Comments are welcome.

Todd @ lumberjocks/winecountrywhimsy



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I have watched all of your posts with both fascination and envy. If I could just get my sil to throw out all of his clothes on his next trip to France and bring back some wine barrel parts…
These are all very unique items and they show great creativity. On this one, I could not figure out why you had to remove the metal pins and then I reread the part where you take them apart, realized that they are not perfectly round like a barrel and then, I got it. Great work!

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i could have used these ideas a couple months ago!!! lol…check out mine…a colleague called me and said: "Hey…I heard you have a table saw…" and it turned into a serving board, chease board and lazy susan all made out of barrel ends 3 days later…