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Project Information

This built in bookcase and storage chest were made to enclose a previous outdoor window into my kitchen. The previous external area has now been closed in to make a sun room by a company specialising in such projects.The internal window are was a wasted area as the doorway into the bedrooms was sliding as the house has concrete brick internal walls and hence no cavity.
Using a Dowelmax provided by one of my group members, the box, lid support, lid and bookshelf frame were all dowelled as seperate units and supply storage for sewing, cookery books and sewing machines in the storage box which also doubles as a seat and nook. It still has to have the skirting fixed, which matches that already in the room. I had a few hiccups with the side bookcase sitting flush agains two walls as I forgot to allow for the existing skirting board and the top facia which sat 15mm all round, had to be cut back on the wall side and on the skiring board had to be cut curved to match the skirting and also an added piece between the sides of the frame which had a weak point where it had to be cut to accommodate the skirting.



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great job and welcome to LJs ,love the book case with the window bench, great idea