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Wood And Materials Used
White pine and shellac
Tools Used
Hand tools
Fort Worth, TX
I have a plastic chess set that I've been keeping in a cardboard box for years. I decided to make a dovetailed box with a sliding lid, and to do (almost) everything with hand tools.

The bottom rests in a groove, and the bottom is a piece of 1/4-inch plywood that I cut with a table saw. Everything else is white pine that was shaped entirely with hand tools. (I used a rabbet plane and a plow plane for the first time ever--that was a lot of fun).

The lid slides in a groove, and has a notch cut into it for pulling the lid out (I'm not entirely happy with the notch; I need to learn to sharpen my gouge better).

All in all, a fun project. Plus the boards that I used for the sides were ones that my daughters broke when they successfully tested for black belts 馃 馃 in America Karate a few years ago.


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It looks pretty good to me, good job