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Project Information

Been meaning to make this project for a while as we seem to have a mail problem. When one person goes to get the mail and finds stuff for the other, we're not really great about getting to it so things sit around in piles and clutter everything up. This way, we'll each have a bin and can easily see if there's something for us, if it's a bill that needs to be paid, etc. I've been hesitant as I really don't like working on "built-in" projects, and there was an old fluorescent under-cabinet light that needed to be dealt with. I ordered some cheap LED lights that fit the space well and they have sat around for long enough, so with the shut-down I decided if it didn't happen now, it wouldn't happen at all.

I'm really happy with it's functionality, and it's nice and sturdy, but I'm really not happy with my craftsmanship on this one. I made it right as I got a new Incra Miter HD1000, which, surprise, was not square right out of the box like it said. Having already cut everything to size I just rolled with it thinking, "how bad can it be," and in the end it just made for some not-square cabinetry with some gaps here and there. As the creator, it's all I can see now. I have since trued it up and it's one of my favorite accessories now.

Also, I decided to paint everything prior to assembly, which was good in theory, but I failed to account for the thickness of the paint in my construction which made everything not quite flush in the end despite scraping it away where needed and re-cutting for fitment.

Dados fit nice before the paint though.

I also used an old can of paint that must have had some rust nibs in it - they added a lumpyness to the finish, and if you sand them away they leave nice red/brown streaks on the surface.

Ugh. At least I have one less thing on my todo list now :) And it will serve us well as long as I can stop looking at it, haha.

On a positive note, however, I used my little benchtop drill press for the first time and it works great! Needs some new bearings, but made my countersinks more tidy and way more repeatable. I inherited this thing from my grandpa who is old enough now to not be able to use it. I'll give it the TLC it deserves and it will make a fine addition to the shop.



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Nice! We could really use one of those sort of things around here. (The OP- we already have a big circular file!)