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Project Information

Making this special occasion memento for Courtney and Justin was a real labor of love.

When it was discovered that this pair of lovebirds wanted to have a wedding guest book puzzle, and that the 800 dollar price tag put it outside their wedding budget, my puzzle-making alarm bells went off. So, I offered just such a puzzle as their wedding gift.

They wanted the puzzle to have between 150 and 200 pieces. I actually made a suite of puzzles, the main one at 27" by 18"(159 pieces), and three smaller puzzles, providing about 210 pieces altogether. Most of the pieces are roughly 2" long and 1.5" high.

The puzzle was presented to them at Courtney's bridal shower this weekend in a presentation box intended for the thee smaller puzzles. The box for the big puzzle will be given to them at the reception.

Thanks for looking in, lumberjocks.




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Very nice. Great gifts!!..............Jim