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Workshop Information

Workshop in the far North. Basement 3×7 meter and a little to spare. Always dusty, mostly crowded and never clean.
Home of some really nice small boats.
Recently started with metal work. No good combination with woodworking tools, but lots of fun.
As promised here some pictures. From 1 to 6:
1. Not much, but it's home.
2. Heart and soul of every workshop - the table saw.
3. The other end.
4. Saw table. Doesn't look like much, but it's indispensible! Rocksolid, anything can be clamped on, dust doesn't gather and best of all: it's impossible to pile all kinds of junk on it so it's always ready.
5. Home made router table with router lift - works like a charm.
6. Sander-planer flipover combo.
Bigger tools are on wheels, but it's a neverending struggle for space. Most ideas are ruthlessly stolen from here and there. Thanks for all the good ideas I picked up on this great site!



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Walter, I am looking forward to taking a tour of your shop when you get a chance to post some pictures.