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The television cabinet is roughly 35" W x 29" H x 17" D (when closed) and is mostly air dried black walnut. There is some walnut veneered ply on the (false) back panel and shelves. I kept some of the sappier wood with some really wild grain, but relegated it to the side panels. It's finished with a couple of coats of Danish oil, followed by several coats of a super blonde dewaxed shellac, rubbed out, and then waxed.

I used an electric linear actuator from Progressive Automations to raise the television up and down. The screen size is 32" and takes about 25 seconds to raise.

The lift is, essentially, built like a drawer but is vertical (I used 26" full extension slides to guide the opening motion). The television is then mounted to what would be the drawer bottom. It's inset and the glass is about 1/4" shy of the sides.

The door panels use 1/8" plexiglass that was sanded on the back to look like frosted glass. I made the pulls from leftover scrap walnut.

I'm still waiting on the bullet catches for the doors, but they close well enough to put it into use.

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Wow, that is a nice looking peice of furniture, and a really great idea on hiding the television!

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Nice work James, and lovely wood.
Best thoughts,