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Walnut Gaming Set ~ Solid Stump Chairs & Stump Table
4 solid walnut Stump Chairs & solid walnut stump table base for glass top. The chairs are rough cut with a chainsaw then grinded & sanded for hours before a spar urethane finish. They are all dining chair height to fit with the 29.5" base, that will be 30" with its 1/2" X 48" glass top. The stump top now is 22X30. They are planning on having 3 holes drilled in the glass to attach it with screws to the base.
My wife & I hand delivered the pieces to their new home in a Conneticut mansion. The customers were thrilled!!!! So were we!
The piano is not staying there.
More pieces like these can be seen & ordered from my site



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Wow… that is a lot of 'carving'... even with a chainsaw. I like the back detailing. I 'spose you have to charge a pretty penny when you consider your material cost…. I mean, heck… you're selling almost a whole tree.

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SO COOL TED!!! And I see a butterfly table with pin legs that also looks like a Frumkin to me? Nice way to score a trip to Conneticut (sans kids :) ! Hope you took time to view the scenery while you were there. See you soon!