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I can't believe that, after being a woodworker for 6 years now, I still haven't made a small gift-type box such as this. Nevertheless, I feel as though my first try really did nail it. Also, for those who know me (and my love for all things digital design/fab), I actually kept this all traditional woodworking (spare the engraving of course). I grabbed nice 8/4 walnut scrap, some bloodwood scraps I picked up from a friend and a figured walnut piece I had collecting dust in one of my cabinets and got to work.

I was very lucky that the 8/4 walnut I had resawn for the sides of the boxes were very straight grain (as you can see in the third pic). It almost gave a "waterfall" look to it without that being my intention. I squared up my figured walnut cutoff, cut some corresponding dados in the outer box. The bloodwood liner was an exercise in "creeping up" on the cut to literally make it press-fit with the walnut (no glue required). The final step was engraving Psalm 100:2 on the bloodwood plaque. The whole box was finished with a satin oil-based poly.

My wife is using this as a gift in a church function, and I'm sure it won't disappoint. Every facet of this just glows (especially that figured walnut) in the light. Its always fun to make the pretty things and wow the onlookers. ;)

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A wonderful piece of work, beautiful wood done well.

Very nice message too.

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Very impressive work - love the bloodwood, looks great!