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I just made 5 of these for our living room. Mahogany with mulberry paper lamp shades. The construction went very smoothly - pieces were finish planes to thickness using a homemade thickness planing jig. I designed the joinery to be very simple to execute, unlike the lamps of similar style that i made in the past… I've included a view of how things go together: mitered half laps into a single "quarter cutout" mortise. Because all the pieces were exactly the same thickness down to approximately 0.001", glueup was super simple. This is the first time pieces almost clicked together - it was a very satisfying feel! I barely needed any clamping pressure.

The mulberry paper is glued into a very narrow (~ 1/16") rabbet, which i created using a homemade cutting gauge. this was a super easy and super accurate way to create this profile.

Finish is 1 coat BLO and a couple very thin coats of wiping varnish + paste wax.



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Great design, nice job in construction, your pictures help to see the entire build. Thanks for sharing