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The table is a mishmash of lumber I had on hand. The apron, vertical supports, and cleats are all made from pine I had left over from other projects(and in the case of the apron I made it from some lumber the previous homeowner left in my garage). The angled supports are simple red oak from Lowes. The tabletop itself is from a huge piece of spalted maple I bought a few months ago. This was the first time I made a panel this size and flattened it. It's definitely not perfect, but I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Finished with Osmo Polyx.

I secured the top using table buttons to allow the top to move as the wood shrinks and expands. Despite how the one pictured looks from this angle it is in there quite securely. The buttons are from a scrap piece of cherry I found in the shop. You can see the 2 holes on the underside of the apron from when I initially planned on holding the tabletop down with screws. I initially thought screwing it down in the center would be fine, but decided to go with buttons instead.



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Beautiful spalted table. I like you attachment method!