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Project Information

I guess the majority of projects which woodworkers build come squarely under the 'gift' category.
This one is no exception, it is a Calendar Holder which I made for my wife this Christmas.

Each year she orders a calendar online which has our names printed in and room to write what we all have on each day, it runs our household essentially. I thought it would be nice to have a dedicated holder for it, instead of her just tacking it to the pinboard along with all the other junk up there.

It's all made from spotted gum, though I did manage to find both dark and light coloured lengths for some contrast in the joints. I cut the mortises using a router. I did cut a bunch of practice mortises by hand, but I just found it too hard in this wood, it split quite easily. I'll try again on the next project.

Regardless of how I got there, in the end I think it ended up looking quite nice.

My wife likes it too which is all that really matters.

There is a bit more info on my website about it, or you can watch the video below.
I did design this in SketchUp first so if you are interested you can also download the model from my site.

View on YouTube

Cheers, Mario



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